Cavern Diving

Cavern diving is a great way to experience the beautiful formations underneath Quintana Roo in a safe and controlled way. The combination of sunlight, speleotherms and the halocline is one of the most stunning underwater landscapes a diver can experience.
Most qualified recreational divers can join a cavern tour, although you will need solid buoyancy and propulsion skills, so most cavern tours are best suited to PADI Advanced Open Water/BSAC Sports Divers (or equivalent) and above.

Although cavern diving has a good safety record, any dive inside an overhead environment should be treated with respect.  For your safety and enjoyment, we follow the following protocols, which are above and beyond the local industry standard:


  • We only use highly experienced guides who we have personally dived with. Your Underworld guide will either be a cave diving instructor, or will be a recreational instructor and an active cave diver with many years of diving experience in the area.
  • We provide Nitrox on all our tours at no extra cost.
  • All our tours are in small groups. Although the maximum ratio for cavern diving in Mexico is 4 divers per guide, we allow no more than 3 divers per guide for your safety and enjoyment.
  • We will always take divers to a cenote appropriate to their experience, and will conduct a check out dive before taking divers to the more challenging caverns.
  • We only run one tour per day. You will not be rushed through the cavern brief and your dive to get back for the afternoon tour.
  • Our rental equipment is the best available and is regularly serviced.
  • Suitably qualified divers can dive sidemount or twinset configuration at no extra cost.
  • Our prices include everything – there are no hidden costs or supplements for equipment rental, Nitrox or the more remote/expensive cenotes.

Full details of cavern tours and prices are here.