Our rental fleet comprises everything from recreational diving gear to full cave diving equipment.

This includes:

  • Halcyon and Apeks backplates and harnesses with double and single wings
  • Sidemount wings from X-Deep, Apeks, Razor and SubGravity
  • Apeks recreational, backmount, sidemount and stage regulators
  • Halcyon Focus and Light Monkey primary lights
  • Ammonite back up lights
  • Shearwater and Aqualung computers
  • Seacraft and Halcyon Diver Propulsion Vehicles
  • 5mm Fourth Element wetsuits and boots
  • Scubapro, Apeks and Tecline fins
  • 11 litre aluminium single and double tanks
  • Steel and aluminium rebreather tanks
  • SF2 backmount and sidemount rebreathers

We keep a variety of dive essentials in stock, mainly to ensure our students are properly equipped for courses, including any equipment tweaks required! This includes wetnotes, spools, line markers, back up lights, hardware from Sump UK, hoses and regulator parts.

Our well-equipped workshop has a wide range of spares, and we can repair most of the common failures that happen to diving equipment in demanding environments!

We are also Halcyon, X-Deep and Big Blue dealers and can get most items  within 24 hours.

Our equipment rental prices are here.