Equipment Rental

All our rental equipment is top quality.  We only provide our divers with equipment that we would be happy to use ourselves on a demanding cave or technical dive.

All prices are cost per day, and discounts are available for divers who stay at Underworld.

Equipment rental (except DPV/CCR) is free with all guided dives and courses. DPVs and CCRs can be rented with a 50% discount on courses and guided diving.

Recreational Equipment

Item Price
Full recreational equipment (not including tanks) $50
Mask (with snorkel if required) $5
Fins (Scubapro Jet Fins, Apeks RK3 or similar) $5
5mm Wetsuit $10
Wetsuit boots $5
Single tank wing and backplate (Halcyon or X-Deep) $20
Apeks recreational regulator $10
Dive computer $20
Compass $5
Backup light $10

Cave, Technical and Sidemount Equipment

Item Price
Full cave/technical/sidemount equipment (no tanks) $65
Apeks primary, stage, sidemount or recreational regulator (each) $10
Wing and backplate (Halcyon or X-Deep) $20
Sidemount harness (X-Deep or Apeks) $20
Backup light $10
Primary light (Halcyon Focus or similar) $30
Primary reel $5
Jump or safety spool $5

Cylinders and Gas

Item Price
Twinset rental $14
Single cylinder rental (rec, stage, sidemount, CCR, suit inflation) $7
32% Nitrox fill (single cylinder) $8
32% Nitrox fill (twinset) $16
Oxygen and Helium POA
Intersorb 812 (20kg) $265
Sofnolime 797 (20kg) $315

Rebreathers and Scooters

Item Price
SF2 CCR – not including head, sofnolime, O2 or diluent $50
SF2 CCR - not including sofnolime, O2 or diluent $100
SF2 CCR – with sofnolime, O2 and air or 32% diluent $150
Seacraft or Halcyon TDV16 Scooter (with Lithium battery upgrade) $85