Guided Diving

Guided Cavern Diving

Guided cavern diving is a great way for qualified open water divers to experience the caverns in a safe way, in the company of one of our experienced, cave trained divers. Information on our guided cavern diving can be found here

Cavern Diving costs:

1 Dive
2 Dives
3 Dives

These costs are inclusive of everything you will need for the day - cenote entrances, Nitrox (if qualified), transport from Underworld, tanks, equipment and an awesome lunch!

Guided Ocean Diving

We are very lucky to have the Meso-American reef system (second in size only to Australia's Great Barrier Reef) a few hundred meters off the coast.

More information on our guided ocean diving can be found here.

Prices for local ocean diving, including transport, boat fees, lunch, equipment and Nitrox are:

1 Dive
2 Dives

Guided Cave Diving

The caves are why we live here, and nothing gives us more pleasure than introducing people to some of our favourite places.

The costs for our guided cave dives are:

Open Circuit
$250 per day (including entrance fees, cylinders, Nitrox, lunch, transport and any equipment)
Closed Circuit
$290 per day (including cylinders, O2, diluent and sofnolime, entrance fees, lunch and transport)

The number of dives in a day will depend on the level of dive. Our usual tours are:

Intro Cave/Cave 1:
Four Intro-level cave dives per day.
Full Cave/Cave 2:
Two cave dives per day.
One or two cave dives per day, depending on dive times.