Recreational Training

Making sure new divers receive safe, thorough and enjoyable training is a big responsibility and a great privilege. Recreational courses at Underworld are taught in small groups and use the best equipment available, including single tank wing and backplate systems and Apeks regulators.  We make full use of our experience teaching higher level courses to deliver outstanding training and all our recreational divers will have a solid foundation in trim, buoyancy and propulsion techniques.

We want our divers to feel completely comfortable with all skills, so will generally provide a bit of extra time, programming our courses to take a bit longer than most training facilities.

There are no hidden extras – we provide a single, transparent price for all our recreational courses. Certification costs, equipment rental, course materials, boat and cenote fees and lunch are all included.

We can teach through multiple agencies, bringing together the best aspects of each in all our courses.  Details of agencies, courses, duration and costs are below:

* Plus a supplement for bespoke one on one courses
** Two students required

Agency Course Normal Duration Cost
Discover Scuba Diving 1 Day $170
Open Water Diver * 4 Days $750
Advanced Open Water 3 Days $650
Rescue Diver ** 2 Days $550
Agency Course Normal Duration Cost
Try Dive 1 Day $170
Ocean Diver * 4 Days $750
Sports Diver 3 Days $650
Dive Leader POA
Agency Course Normal Duration Cost
Scuba Discovery Program 1 Day $170
Open Water 20 * 4 Days $750
Advanced Diver 3 Days $650
Rescue Diver ** 2 Days $550
FRTI Emergency Care Program 1 Day $175
Agency Course Normal Duration Cost
Try Dive 1 Day $170
Open Water 20 * 4 Days $750
Explorer 30 3 Days $650
Advanced 35 4 Days $750

Nitrox Training

We are enthusiastic advocates of the benefits of Nitrox and provide free Nitrox on all our courses for certified divers. Underworld is pleased to provide Nitrox Training with the following agencies:

Course Agency Cost
PADI Nitrox $170
BSAC Nitrox $100
IANTD Nitrox $100
TDI Nitrox $100
SDI Computer Nitrox $100
RAID Nitrox $100